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BigJodie     5 months ago

Could anyone please help me to understand how to add a row to a table through an 'edit' or 'show' view panel link without requiring the user to manually designate the relationship.


I have two tables, "rooms" and "equipment". 

Rooms table fields: ID, room number, room name

Equipment table fields: ID, brand, category, serial, purch date, location (key to rooms)

I can of course use the 'location' field in an edit view for the equipment table to select the room in which a device is located. 

But what if I have a 'list' view of the euipment table embedded within a 'show' view of the rooms table with an add row button. In this case, I want the location field of the equipment 'edit' view to be hidden, and the relatiopnship to defined by the row that I just came from.  

So, I am in the show view for "Room 5" (rooms). Within this view I have an embedded list view (equipment) which I will use to add a new printer to the euipment table with "Use view to create". I don't need to manually enter any data in the key to rooms field. Saltcorn already knows this printer belongs to the Purple Room because I arrived to this view via the Purple Room, and so uses this fact to define the relationship.

I have a feeling I'm coming at this from the worng approach, so if the above makes no sense, that may be why



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