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bhotrock     a month ago

I’m trying to evaluate whether Saltcorn will meet my needs for an upcoming project. Four times a year, I need to be able to create customized PDF documents for a set clients that include information from various tables. The created PDF files need to be stored in the filesystem of the server, where they can be accessed outside of the Saltcorn application. Additionally, I would like to store these PDF documents within a Saltcorn table, so that they might be displayed within the Saltcorn application.

I think I can use a view template to build the desired layout. What I want to know is if there is a way to trigger the creation of all the PDF files with a single action. Something like: “Click this button to prepare all quarterly reports”.

As I’ve read through the documentation, I think I can figure out how to do this one document at a time, but I need to do them as a bulk action. Is this something Saltcorn can do? If so, I’ll dig deeper into it and start trying to put something together.

Thanks for any information or hints you might have!

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