Saltcorn installation on Mac OS


Eden     5 months ago


I would like to ask if it's possibile to install Saltcorn on Mac OS using the Ubuntu installation described on the Wiki.

Overwise, does a Mac OS installation exist ?

Thanks for your answer !

tomn      5 months ago

There is no macOS installer, But I run it on a Mac using homebrew. if you install [email protected], then you can npm install -g [email protected] and saltcorn setup, choose the development option to use SQLite. You can also install postgresql with homebrew, and create a configuration file. 

On my Computer and the configuration file is expected at /Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/.saltcorn, If you run saltcorn info it may tell you the configFilePath for your install.

this is my config file for running on macOS under homebrew against postgres


  "password": "mypassword",

  "database": "saltcorn",

  "host": "localhost",

  "user": "tomn",

  "session_secret": "arandomstring",

  "multi_tenant": false



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