phd     5 months ago

Hello everybody,

I was very happy discovering saltcorn, I though WOW ! This is absolutely what I need. Free, light, nocloud... What a good job !
I installed it, started working, and...  

-> Creating data : no delete column, no changing type of column: when error, must delete and recreate the whole table.
So OK, I will prepare csv files and upload definition ...Import csv is mentioned but never documented, unable to guess the needed format...

In consequence, the data structure must be fully defined before beginning any development of an app. That is not my way.

-> testing some screens : I need to set a preset value, now : YES, found a topic about in on the forum !
But, unable to find correct syntax : now, =now, =now() ... nothing works !? Again, nothing more in documentation.

So: OK, I will ask the forum. But sorry, no answer after a week.

In these conditions, I cant build tools for my organization that rely on such a project.

Found an ambitious roadmap, but it seems this amazing project is almost dead.


I dont want to throw stones to anybody. I well understand that this is a free project, and I also can fully understand that people who achieved this great job are now away, or not available enough to support it. I would have been very happy to use saltcorn, sharing and helping on forum, even helping adding documentation... it would be very disappointing that this fine job became abandoned.

Is there someone here ?? with answers about that ? Tomn perhaps ?


tomn      5 months ago

Ha, yes Saltcorn is very much alive. Let me answer some of the othe questions

tomn      5 months ago

What is the problem with presets? There is no syntax for this, you should select them from the drop-down menu when creating the Edit view. in the last step.

tomn      5 months ago

In the above, select "Now" to use the Now preset

phd      5 months ago

Great thanks tomn. I was worrying about the life of this project. I see you are the only one who answers here, I hope you are not alone in this project.

My "Now preset issue" is solved : I just discovered one point when defining the view: if layout stays unchanged in step2, then the screen above is bypassed.

What I didnt understand : In my mind, preset would set a default value on the screen, still updatable by the user. Here, the preset value doesnt appears, and cannot be overrided. Not a problem for me, but I had to search before clearing this misundestanding.

Thanks again and long life to saltcorn !

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      4 months ago

Saltcorn is a great product, thanks

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