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lobster40     2 years ago

Hello! first of all thanks for great product. I was not able to find sutiable examples.

Intro: I'm trying to create some incident system which is working with external systems. I need help for:

1 create new incident based on an existing incident with a few predifined field - I'd choose a particular raw, press "Reproduced" button and fill only few fields. 

2 I need to report incident to external system via post query with basic auth, data set should has value from related to particular (selected raw) and get some data back (ticked_id from the external system)

3 I'd have one text field and split typed text into two fields on raw creation\update "some text https_url" - I need store text and url in different fields, but for customer it a addtitional click, I'd like to help him. I believe js_run may help here, but cannot understand how I can link an text-box, js execution and "view" page


Any link\advice to similar solved appretiated.  - checked forum, doc . didn;'t find answrs

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