LDAP authentication debugging


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radiml     a year ago


I'm trying to make LDAP authentication work using @saltcon/ldap-auth plugin. Every attempt to log-in using LDAP results in saltcorn page freeze. The output of the saltcorn container in moment of login attempt is following:

saltcorn        | ldap {
saltcorn        |   label: 'LDAP',
saltcorn        |   postUsernamePassword: true,
saltcorn        |   usernameLabel: 'UID',
saltcorn        |   strategy: Strategy {
saltcorn        |     options: {
saltcorn        |       server: [Object],
saltcorn        |       usernameField: 'email',
saltcorn        |       passwordField: 'password'
saltcorn        |     },
saltcorn        |     getOptions: null,
saltcorn        |     name: 'ldapauth',
saltcorn        |     verify: [Function (anonymous)]
saltcorn        |   }
saltcorn        | }

I'm running saltcorn in docker using docker-compose. I tested, that I can access the LDAP server from docker container (can open port).

Is there any way how to debug what is happening and why is Saltcorn waiting?


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radiml      a year ago

So the problem with freeze after LDAP login was solved. It was caused by incorrect LDAP credentials for accessing the LDAP by the plugin. After correcting them the LDAP queries work. But I came accross another issue: When user log-in for the first time using LDAP authentication, a new user is created in Saltcorn. Another attempt to log-in using LDAP results in "Unauthorized" status. Did you come accross this issue? Did you find a solution or workaround?

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