Model for team software development with SALTCORN?


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Steph     a year ago


We are a team and would like to develop a modular open source software together.

We imagine our development process as follows and would like to know if this be possible or if there is a better way:

* Saltcorn Server operated in multi tenant setup
* Each developer gets his own tenant
* The latest release of the application will be fully released as a PACK. Every developer installs this PACK in a tenant
* Based on the current version, each developer develops the application further
* For a new release, each developer creates a new DEV-PACK with HIS new development
* The DEV-PACK is sent to an integrator who integrates and tests all DEV-PACKs on a RELEASE tenant
* The integrator then creates a new RELEASE-PACK and distributes it to all developers

1. Is such a procedure with SALTCORN feasible and sensible
2. Is it possible to create DEV-PACKS only with DELTA DEVELOPMENT?
3. If it is not possible to implement such a development model with SALTCORN, what would be the closest?

I am very curious what your experiences are?
Thanks and Regards








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      a year ago

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