Date of row creation


JonathanDHolden     5 months ago

I want the List view of a Table to be sorted by date created (in the first instance). Do I need to create a date field? Is there an automatic date creation field? 

I will also want users to be able to sort by field: Name (A-Z). How would I set up a system to allow this? 

tomn      5 months ago

1) yes make sure your rows have a date field. If you have a form for entering the data, you can set that date field to be set using a preset = now. (This is when creating an edit view, after the view layout).

2) List views with a header automatically have a clickable header label that changes the sort.

JonathanDHolden      5 months ago

1. How would I set the date to be created automatically when the Row is created? 



JonathanDHolden      5 months ago

it's ok... i've followed your instructions and hidden the field, and set it to preset. 

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