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dymatrix     8 months ago

I am exploring this for building apps for use in a business setting on corporate lan or access by VPN.  Is it possible to setup reports and what would be best way to incorporate something into Saltcorn.    Looking to create an expense report tracking app, but accounting requires a printed report ( i.e. .a PDF to file away each month).   I see other potential uses, in a field app via https over public web for collecting data, but the data would then be pulled into a larger app (not saltcorn based).   Happy that this uses Postgres and not MYSQL



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jtown      8 months ago

I am very new to Saltcorn but have begun my deep dive into it.  Have you looked at the pivot tables module?  This seems to be a very powerful option for building reports.

Additionally you could build a view then create filters to show the data you are looking for:

page-to-pdf module would then allow you to print that page


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