Link from an "index" to a particular page view


JonathanDHolden     5 months ago

I have created an index by creating a List view. I have just one element from the table that I want to show in the list. Each item in the list should link to the Show view for that item, but I can't see a way to make the link work. 



JonathanDHolden      5 months ago

I tried to post a screenshot, but it didn't work 

tomn      5 months ago

Posting screenshots in the forum should now work!

tomn      5 months ago

You probably want to make the list column a view link, possibly using a formula for the title -- The formula is likely simply the name of the field you want to use

JonathanDHolden      5 months ago

Heres's a Loom: 

So I have worked out how to do the Type: Link to other view - but I can't work out how to change the words in the link to be the name of the linked field in the table. 

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