File Save Structure: Custom Locations & Names?


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do_i_know_how_to_code_yet?     6 months ago

Hello Saltcorn Community,

I've been considering building an app using Saltcorn, and as part of this project, I anticipate that users will be uploading multiple files, including avatar images and a series of photos.

However, I've noticed that Saltcorn's default file saving behaviour doesn't quite meet my needs. It appears that all uploaded files are stored in a single, unstructured folder, with identical file names simply being appended with _1, _2, _3, etc.

Ideally, I would prefer to have a more organized structure - perhaps a unique folder for each user's files. Additionally, the ability to rename files upon upload (for example, a user's avatar image could be automatically renamed to "Avatar.jpg") would be extremely helpful. This could also potentially save a database entry, as I could set "Avatar.jpg" as the default avatar for all users.

With the existing file saving structure, I fear that even a moderate number of users could result in an unmanageable amount of files in a single folder (e.g., 100 users could create over 1,100 files).

Has anyone found a way to customize the file save location and naming in Saltcorn, or does anyone know if these features are being considered for future updates? Any advice, workarounds, or pointers towards relevant resources would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and looking forward to your responses.

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