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Hevo     5 months ago

On https://wiki.saltcorn.com/view/ShowPage/cookbook or Youtube Video or elsewhere could you do a tutorial on how to:

Create a system that is user-permission-based allowing users to only select a (field value) Team or Project they have permission to view.

That person then can only select one Team/project that they wish to work within (or View All if permission granted).

Tables, Views and Pages would be shared throughout the system, but only relevent rows of data would be viewed for the approved AND selected Team/project.

Thanks in advance. Regards Ben


1) I think Saltcorn is one the the best things I've come across in a very long time and I'm loving it... But more Tutorials!

2) It would also be great to update the blog.saltcorn.com with the 0.9.0 changes.

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